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Recently we conducted an interview with LSU's un-heralded DT prospect, Howard Green. Green is a 6'1", 318-pound run stuffer who exploded the last five games of the season and played a major role in LSU's defense. He came to LSU after tranferring from JUCO and is the cousin of Tiger DE, Jarvis Green. Pro day workouts will be huge for Howard, as he was not invited to the combine or any all-star games, but he is working hard and training on a daily basis to boost his draft stock. Below is some info on Howard, followed by our interview.


Name: Howard Green

School: Louisiana State

Position: DT

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 318

40-Time: 5.08

Draft Status: 6th-7th round pick with good workouts, but surely a high priority free agent.


Q: What kind of person will an NFL team be getting when they bring you in?

H.G.: They'll be getting a 23 year old mature man who is ready for the challenges ahead. I'm also a hard worker and very coachable.

Q: What have you heard about your draft status?

H.G.: I've heard anywhere from late round guy to free agent.

Q: What do you have planned once your football career is over?

H.G.: I'd like to own a business. I'm looking into a big man's clothing store for both kids and adults. I know I was a big kid growing up and it was hard to find clothes that would fit right, so I'd like to offer that to families.

Q: Do you feel your are physically ready for the NFL?

H.G.: Yes I do because I feel I will always win the battle of leverage. My frame helps me alot. I think I can surely get in the trenches when it's war time and deliver punishment.

Q: Are you mentally ready as well?

H.G.: I believe I am. I need to focus on everything alot harder, but I feel it won't be a problem. I'm mentally strong.

Q: What are your biggest playing strengths?

H.G.: My ability to stop the run and my ability to collapse the pocket.

Q: Do you have any weaknesses in your game that you are trying to improve on?

H.G.: I only had two years at LSU and I wasn't a full-time starter, so I wish I had more time to show the NFL my full potential. I don't think I have any glaring weaknesses in my game, but I'd like to become a better all-around player.

Q: Do you feel you've been somewhat overlooked?

H.G.: I think I have. I believe I should be mentioned when teams start talking about the top DT's in the draft.

Q: Do you pattern your game after anyone who is currently in the NFL?

H.G.: I like to watch guys like Warren Sapp and Anthony McFarland because we are similar in our stature and they are the best DT tandem in the NFL. I pick some things here and there and add them to my bag of tricks.

Q: Can you describe what this season was like for you as a senior? I mean, after the Ole Miss loss, it appeared as though it was over, but somehow your guys righted the ship. What went on?

H.G.: It was a very emotional season for us. This team showed an enormous amount of heart and charcter the last 6 games of the year. We never gave up and we stayed together as a unit. The seniors called a players only meeting after the Ole Miss game and that really did it. Coach Saban stood behind us all year and always told us we were capable and he was our motivation. He had us get back to the basics and we were able to have the most magical season in LSU history. This team did some great things and winning the SEC and then the Sugar Bowl was special to all of us.

Q: What are your goals coming in as a rookie?

H.G.: I want to make a 53 man roster and contribute as much as I can. I'd like to get 4 or 5 sacks as a rookie. That would be nice.

M.G.: I'd like to thank your for taking the time out to do this interview and I'd also like to say congratulations on a fabulous year at LSU and good luck in the future!!!

H.G.: Thanks Matt!

I'd like to than Howard for taking the time out for the interview. I'd also like to thank Howard's agent, Albert Elias of EMG, for setting the interview up. Best of Luck in the future Howard!!!