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Welcome to the APSS Draft News Center where you will find the latest draft related news. We will provide you with information that we have gotten through a number of different sources including players, coaches, agents, and NFL personnel. This will be the most accurate and informative draft news section on the net. Be sure to check back often for updates and more news!!!

Early Entries:

Leaving School Early:

1. William Green, RB, Boston College
2. T.J. Duckett, RB, Michigan State
3. Luke Staley, RB, Brigham Young
4. Clinton Portis, RB, Miami
5. Jesse Chatman, RB, Eastern Washington
6. Tellis Redmon, RB, Minnesota
7. Joe Burns, RB, Georgia Tech
8. Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh
9. Tavon Mason, WR, Virginia
10. Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida
11. Josh Reed, WR, Louisiana State
12. Reche Caldwell, WR, Florida
13. Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawaii
14. Donte Stallworth, WR, Tennessee(still pending)
15. Ryan Johnson, WR, Memphis
16. Jerramy Stevens, TE, Washington
17. Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami
18. Randy McMichael, TE, Georgia
19. Derek Smith, TE, Kentucky
20. Darnell Sanders, TE, Ohio State
21. Mike Pearson, OT, Florida
22. Gary Hobbs, OT, Arkansas
23. Akil Smith, OT/OG, Clemson
24. Toniu Fonoti, OG, Nebraska
25. Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina
26. Michael Josiah, DE, Louisville
27. Dennis Johnson, DE, Kentucky
28. Charles Grant, DE, Georgia
29. Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee
30. John Henderson, DT, Tennessee
31. Trev Faulk, LB, Louisiana State
32. Jashon Sykes, LB, Colorado*
33. Saleem Rasheed, LB, Alabama
34. Derek Ross, CB, OhioState
35. Phillip Buchanon, CB, Miami
36. Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida
37. Bo Springfield, CB, TCU
38. Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma
39. Ramon Walker, S, Pittsburgh
40. Terreal Bierria, S, Georgia
41. Glenn Sumter, S/CB, Memphis
42. Bobby Sippio, S, Western Kentucky

Pitt's Walker Left Out of Combine(2-15-02)

APSS has learned that Pitt's underclassman FS, Ramon Walker has been left out of the National Combine invitee list. The Combine will be held from March 1st-March 4th in the RCA Dome in Indianapolis. What makes this situation even stranger is that the same people gave Walker a second round grade which is why he decided to enter the draft. The 5'11", 210-pounder is one of the top 3 or 4 free safety prospects in the 2002 draft. This could hurt his status because now Ramon will not have the opportunity to go head to head with his competition. He will also lose out on the opportunity to work out in front of every NFL team.

Stallworth's Appeal Denied(1-31-02)

The NCAA has denied Donte Stallworth's appeal to be reinstated at to the University of Tennessee for his senior season. The ruling is surely the proper one, as had the NCAA reinstated Stallworth, a HUGE mess would be on their hands for the future. Stallworth should have thoroughly thought out his decision before making anything final and because he didn't, he is paying for it. He will likely be a second round pick.

Virginia's Womack Tore ACL(1-29-02)

APSS has learned that Virginia RB, Antwoine Womack tore his ACL in the Saturday's Florida Gridiron Classic. Orginally, doctors at the scene thought it was just a deep bruise, but x-rays on Monday revealed the tear. Womack, who missed eight games this year with a severely sprained ankle, will miss as much as eight months while rehabbing.

Sumter Out of Memphis; Enters Draft(1-11-02)

Memphis' junior CB/FS Glenn Sumter has decided to forgo his final year of elegibility and enter the 2002 draft. Sources close to Sumter told APSS that the decision to turn pro wasn't made because if the 4th round grade the NFL gave him, but because he wanted to get out of Memphis and refused to transfer. The 6'1", 200-pound Sumter led Conference USA in interceptions this past year with six. He was named 1st Team All-Conference, but projects in the middle rounds of the draft.

UT Receiver Stays in Knoxville(1-11-02)

Kelley Washington has decided to stay at Tennessee for one more year. His statement cited his mother and his past in minor league baseball as the two main reasons for returning. He also said that God told him when to give up baseball, but God hasn't told him to leave Knoxville yet. One more year is what the UT fans wanted and one more year is what they will get. The 6'3", 222-pound walk-on would have been a top 15-20 pick in the 2002 draft and will likely go in that same area in 2003.

Georgia's Bierria Makes Mistake; Enters Draft(1-11-02)

Every year the NFL receives early entry papers from a few underclassmen who have apparently lost their minds. This year is no exception. Junior SS Terreal Bierria of Georgia is one of these players. The 6'2", 208-pound Bierria is not even the best safety prospect on his own team, yet he has made himself available for the 2002 draft. Had he stayed through his senior season, Bierria would have been a top 6 or 7 safety prospect. He's looking at being a mid round selection this year at best and that will only happen if he runs well in workouts.

Washington, Stallworth to Announce Intentions Today(1-10-02)

Today, the Tennessee receiving duo of Kelley Washington and Donte Stallworth will hold seperate press conferences to announce their intentions. Stallworth's press conference is scheduled for 2pm EST, while Washington's isn't until at 7pm EST. Washington is making his way, via car, to Knoxville for the big announcement. APSS has learned that it now appears Stallworth is set to declare himself elegible for the 2002 draft. That would be a mistake as he'd likely be a late second round pick at best, but likely a 3rd, maybe even fourth rounder. Washington's mind was still not made up last night, but I'm sure it will be after the 10 hour car drive from Stephens City, Va to Knoxville, Tn. APSS is standing by our original statement and fully believe Washington will declare for the 2002 draft.

Tennessee WR Having Second Thoughts(1-9-02)

As APSS first reported, Tennessee WR Kelley Washington was set on entering the 2002 draft. Things have changed. The 6'3", 222-pound phenom is now having second thoughts, which is usual for underclassmen. A source close to Washington told APSS that Kelley is afraid of making the same mistake twice. What he meant by that was, Washington jumped at the money to play baseball out of high school and things didn't work out like he had hoped and that is playing a huge factor in his decision. That, coupled with the fact that his mother wants him to return, may be enough for him to announce he will remain at UT for one more year. APSS still believes that when all is said and done, he will enter the draft. He just needs to calm down and realize he is a gifted football player and could honestly be the first WR taken.

Maryland LB to Make Stunning Announcement(1-8-02)

In a shocking development, APSS has learned that Maryland LB E.J. Henderson plans on returning for his senior year. A source close to Henderson told APSS that E.J.'s decision to return came down to his desire to prove that what Maryland did this year was no fluke. The 6'1 1/2", 242-pound MLB will make the announcement either Thursday or Friday from the school. He would have likely been a first round selection in the 2002 draft and by returning, he may not be the #1 MLB for the 2003 draft.

Hawaii WR Likely to Enter Draft(1-8-02)

APSS has learned that Hawaii's junior WR Ashley Lelie is likely to enter the 2002 draft. A source close to Lelie said that the WR has thought long and hard and consulted family, friends, his coaches, and NFL personnel and now he feels he is ready to go to the NFL. A league source told APSS that Lelie was given a late first round grade, which is surprisingly high for a WR most teams know very little about. The 6'2", 190-pound Lelie will likely run in the low 4.4's and maybe a high 4.3 in the forty. He projects as a possible high first round pick on our board for April's draft.

LSU LB Faulk to Forgo Senior Year(1-7-02)

APSS has learned that LSU MLB Trev Faulk has decided to forgo his senior season and enter the 2002 draft. A source close to Faulk told APSS that the decision was made because Faulk feels he has accomplished everything he wanted while at LSU and wants to take his game to the next level. The 6'3", 226-pound MLB, may be moved to OLB in the NFL unless he can bulk up 15lbs. and show he can shed blocks better. Faulk projects as a mid-late third round pick.

Two More TE's To Go Pro(1-7-02)

APSS has learned that two more TE's plan to enter the 2002 NFL draft. Jerramy Stevens of Washington and Darnell Sanders of Ohio State both plan on announcing their intentions in the next day or so. Our source in Washington told us that Stevens is surely leaving and has already signed with an agent. Sanders was advised to return to Ohio State by the Buckeye coaching staff, but will do what he feels is best for him. Stevens and Sanders will join Jeremy Shockey, Randy McMichael, and Derek Smith in the draft to make the number of underclassmen TE's available, five. Stevens projects as a top 40 pick and Sanders could go as high as the late 2nd-early 3rd round with good workouts.

Kentucky Loses Another Underclassman(1-7-02)

The University of Kentucky football program lost it's second player today to the NFL draft. Junior TE Derek Smith announced today that he will make himself elegible for the April draft because it's been a lifelong dream and he feels he's ready, but the real reason he left is because he is a poor student and he may not have qualified academically for the 2002 season. Smith joins Dennis Johnson in the draft and will likely be a 3rd-4th round pick.

Tennessee Trio to Announce Intentions Thursday(1-7-02)

APSS has learned Tennessee's talented trio of Kelley Washington, Donte Stallworth, and Albert Haynesworth have a press conference scheduled for Thursday where each will announce their plans for the upcoming draft. APSS reported last week that Haynesworth will announce that he is going pro, and now it appears he'll have some company. APSS has learned that walk-on freshman WR Kelley Washington is likely to announce that he too will enter April's draft. Sources told APSS that Washington received high marks from high ranking NFL team officials and that gave him the answers he needed to hear in order for him to make the jump. Another source told APSS that Washington could go as high as the #6 pick overall, which belongs to Dallas. DOnte Stallworth appears to be the only memeber of this talented trio who will return in 2002. Washington and Haynesworth both project as solid first round picks.

OT Pearson Makes it Official(1-7-02)

In a story APSS broke on 12-30-01, Florida OT Mike Pearson has officially entered the 2002 draft. Stating because he has gotten his degree and the fact he is getting married soon, Pearson felt it was time to make the move. He projects as a top 15 selection in April's draft.

Pittsburgh's Walker to Go Pro(1-6-02)

APSS has learned that Pittsburgh's junior free safety, Ramon Walker, will announce his intentions to enter the 2002 draft on Tuesday at a press conference. A source close to Ramon said that Walker will be joined by teammate Antonio Bryant where both will announce their intentions to go pro. The 5'11", 195-pound Walker projects as a 2nd-3rd round pick, while Bryant will likely be a top 15 selection.

RB Portis to Enter Draft(1-6-02)

The Miami Herald is reporting that Miami's junior RB Clinton Portis will leave Miami and enter the 2002 draft. Portis, who rushed for over 1,000 yards this year, would have benefited from another year in college, but with Thursday's thrashing of Nebraska in the National Title game, Portis feels he has accomplished all his collegiate goals and wants to make the jump. He'll likely be a late second-early third round pick in April's draft.

Illinois CB Weighing Options(1-6-02)

A source close to Illinois CB Eugene Wilson has alerted APSS that the 5'11", 187-pound junior is seriously considering entering the 2002 draft. Wilson, who was torched by LSU's Josh Reed in the Sugar Bowl, was given a 3rd round grade by the NFL's advisory board and that's all Wilson wanted to hear. The source told us that he will be sitting down with Coach Ron Turner to discuss his options and a decision will be made by Tuesday. If Wilson enters the draft, he'd likely be a late 2nd rounder at best.

Miami's Buchanon to Declare for Draft; Joseph to Return(1-5-02)

APSS has learned that junior CB Phillip Buchanon will announce his intentions of going pr early next week. This comes as no surprise, as Buchanon is certain to become a top 15-20 pick. The 5'10", 185-pound cover man could find his way in the top 10 with a good showing at his pro day workouts(unlikely he will participate at the combine). Another Miami player, William Joseph, is likely to return for his senior season. The 6'4", 292-pound DT/DE would have likely been a late first round selection in 2002, but will likely be a top 15 in 2003.

Wisconsin Receiver to Stay Put(1-5-02)

APSS has learned that Wisconsin WR Lee Evans FULLY INTENDS on returning for his senior season. A source close to Evans told APSS that the 5'10 1/2", 192-pounder, had never considered the draft because he enjoys the college experience and wants to graduate. Evans would have likley been a top 8-10 receiver for the 2002 draft and by staying, he may be hurting himself financially, but then again, money isn't everything.....Or is it?

Two More Gators Enter Draft(1-5-02)

In regards to a follow up story that APSS posted earlier in the day, Florida WR Jabar Gaffney, and CB Lito Sheppard will announce their intentions to go pro early next week. Both players project as mid-late first rounders with Gaffney likley to be selected first. Gaffney and Sheppard will now be joining Reche Caldwell and Mike Pearson who both announced their intentions after the Orange Bowl. Taylor Jacobs may soon follow, but could surely benefit from another year.

Miami TE to Enter Draft(1-5-02)

APSS has learned that Miami junior TE Jeremy Shockey will announce his intentions to enter the draft by the middle of next week. A source close to Shockey told APSS that his decision was made prior to the Rose Bowl and that the only person who could talk hin into staying would be Ken Dorsey. The 6'5", 246-pound All Conference and All-American selection is likely to be one of the first 3 TE's taken.

Spurrier's Resignation Could Push a Few Gators to NFL(1-5-02)

Steve Spurrier's resgination sent shock waves through the Florida football program and the result could be devestating as alot of draft elegible Gators are considering the 2002 draft. Reche Caldewell and Mike Pearson were expected to leave regardless, but now Jabar Gaffney, Lito Sheppard, Taylor Jacobs, and Mike Nattiel must re-evaluate their orginal plans. All four had originally planned on returning, but a source close to the team told APSS that Sheppard will surely leave and that Gaffney is "50/50" and will consult his family in the coming days. Jacobs said he's considering his options, but the source told us he was caught up in the emotion and will likely return next year. Mike Nattiel, surprisingly, sent in his request for evaluation to the NFL and was planning on staying, but there is no word on what he's thinking.

Johnson Officially Enters Draft(1-4-02)

Today, Dennis Johnson of Kentucky confirmed what APSS reported on 12-28-01, and that is he will enter the 2002 draft. Johnson is loaded with talent and could find his way in the top 20-25 picks in April.

Louisville DE Wants to Enter Draft(1-4-02)

A source inside the Lousiville football program has alerted APSS that junior rush end Michael Josiah wants to enter the 2002 draft. The 6'3 1/2", 260-pound Josiah led Conference USA with 13 sacks in 2000 and finished the 2001 season with 11 sacks. The source also told us that Josiah and head coach John L. Smith are constantly feuding and Smith is so fed up with Josiah's antics that he doesn't want him to return because of all the distractions that Josiah brings to the program. If Josiah enters, he's likely to be a 3rd-5th rounder and will be used primarily as a 3rd down rush specialist.

Freshman Walk-On to Make Decision Soon(1-3-02)

As APSS reported on 12-19-01, Tennessee's Kelley Washington is seriously considering entering the 2002 draft. A source close to the situation told APSS that a decision will be made by Wed. or Thursday of next week and that Kelley is "75%" sure he is leaving. One player can possibly get Kelley to return to Tennessee and that is Jabar Gaffney. Sources told us that Gaffney was going to return to Florida two weeks ago, but now it appears Gaffney wants to leave. Regardless if Gaffney leaves, Kelley Washington is the BEST WR available in this draft. One Director of College Scouting told us that Washington "could become a top 10-15 pick" if he enters the draft.

Arkansas RB to Return; Plans to Enter 2003 Draft with Hamlin(1-3-02)

APSS has learned that Cedric Cobbs will return for his redshirt junior year. The 6'1", 220-pound Cobbs has been plagued the last two seasons by injury and he has decided that one more year would surely benefit his draft status for 2003. Cobbs will have company with him next year as Ken Hamlin, the All-SEC and All-American safety will also enter the 2003 draft. Cobbs has top 15 talent, but can't seem to stay healthy. Hamlin has to show scouts he can run a solid forty, but expect both to leave school next year.

Minnesota RB Declares for Draft(1-2-02)

Reports out of Minnesota are stating that Golden Gopher junior RB, Tellis Redmon, has decided to enter the 2002 NFL draft. A program insider told APSS that Redmon's decision is based on his age(23) and the fact that freshman Marion Barber III has showed some promise and Tellis' numbers would likely fall off. The Golden Gophers also have former high school All-American RB Thomas Tapeh. Redmon has put up impressive numbers over the last two years, but scouts have told us that they don't feel he can be a featured back. He's an excellent receiver out of the backfield, which will likely be his bread and butter in the NFL. Look for him to be a 4th-5th rounder at best.

Tennessee DT Haynesworth to Enter Draft(1-1-02)

APSS has learned that Tennessee defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth, will forgo his senior year and enter the 2002 draft. Haynesworth received a first round grade by the NFL Advisory Board, a league source told APSS, and now the 6'5", 310-pound lineman will make his intentions public within the next week. Haynesworth finished his junior campaign with 22 tackles, 9 TFL, and one sack. He's likely to be the third rated DT behind teammate John Henderson and Wendell Bryant.

Texans Have Eyes Set on McKinnie(12-30-01)

The Houston Texans have their hearts and eyes set on drafting Bryant McKinnie with the first pick of the 2002 NFL Draft. A source in the Texans scouting department told APSS that there has been no other player even considered for the pick. McKinnie had a minor procedure earlier in December on his knee, but will start in the Rose Bowl. He should be at 100% by the combine and if everything checks out well with the team doctors, expect him to be the pick. In the words of our source, "How can you justify to the city and rest of the organization for passing on a franchise LT?" There you have it. Not Peppers. Not Henderson. Not Carr. Bryant McKinnie!

Pearson Set to Declare for Draft(12-30-01)

APSS has learned that Florda's OT Mike Pearson is ready to make his intentions to go pro public. A date has not been set for the press conference because the Gators are preparing to face Maryland in the Orange Bowl, but our source told us that the Gators are expecting Pearson to meet with his family and Steve Spurrier immediately after the game to decide when he should announce. Pearson, who is referred to as "Baby Boselli," is likely to be a top 10 pick in April's draft.

K-State's Newman to Return for Senior Year(12-29-01)

Kansas State's junior CB Terence Newman has decided to return to Manhattan for his senior year. The 5'11", 182-pound cover man told APSS that his decision was made while in Arizona at the Bowl. Newman was an All-Big 12 selection in 2001 and is likely to be a top 5 CB prospect for the 2003 Draft. He's also one of the best special team players in the nation which will add some value to his stock next year.

JUCO Receiver Likely to Enter Draft(12-28-01)

Northwest Mississippi Community College's Durrell Robinson doesn't have many options to chose from. The former high school all-american and prized Georgia recruit has put himself in a deep hole and now he may be forced to enter the draft. Sources at NW Mississippi CC told APSS that Robinson's grades are so pathetic that he likely will NEVER be able to play college football anywhere. The 6'0", 207-pound Robinson is a special talent, but his poor classroom performance and his unfortunate liking to those "left handed cigarettes" is likely to cost him dearly. Robinson must now decide whether to try his luck in the NFL or be another wasted talent that fell through the cracks of the football world. What a shame!

Wildcat DE Johnson to Enter Draft(12-28-01)

APSS has learned that DE Dennis Johnson will enter the 2002 NFL Draft. Johnson, a 6'6", 265-pound specimen, will make those intentins public within days. He missed most of the 2000 season, which was his junior year, but took a medical reshirt. This year he finally played like the top prospect he had been labled as since he came to Lexington in 1998. He posted 12 sacks and 19 TFL this past year and clearly established himself among the top DE's in the country.

Four Bulldogs Weighing Options(12-28-01)

A source inside the University of Georgia football program has told APSS that four Bulldogs have sent in their request of evaluation to NFL Advisory Board. Those four players are tight end Randy McMichael, defensive end Charles Grant, wide receiver Terrence Edwards, and linebacker Boss Bailey. Tha source told us that he expects McMichael to announce that he will go pro and that Charles Grant will likely follow. Both project as possible top 75 picks, with McMichael likely to go first.

Bilitnikoff Winner Josh Reed to Turn Pro(12-25-01)

Josh Reed, winner of the 2001 Bilitnikoff Award will announce his intentions to turn pro shortly after the Tigers' Sugar Bowl game against Illinois. A source close to Reed told APSS that the decision was made a few days ago and that before that time, it was still in the air. The 5'10", 205-pound Reed is likely to be a mid-late first round pick. There has been no documented forty time on Josh, so pro day will be very important for him.

Doak Walker Award Winner To Enter Draft(12-23-01)

A Utah newspaper is reporting that Luke Staley, winner of the Doak Walker award, will enter the 2002 NFL draft. Staley, a 6'1", 218-pound RB from BYU, rushed for nearly 1,600 and 28 TD's this season before breaking his fibula against Mississippi State. This seems to be a trend with Staley, as he has always seemed to be a bit injury prone. He's taking a risk by leaving early, especially since he won't be football ready for at least 6 months, but he may get a look late on day two or get some desperate team to take him earlier. Regardless, his decision is a foolish one and he'll likely pay for it on draft day.

RB Green Fully Intends to Turn Pro(12-21-01)

APSS has learned that Boston College RB William Green WILL declare for the 2002 NFL Draft shortly after the Eagles' Bowl game next week. He orginally stated that he had no intentions to leave school after his one game suspension and again stated that in Orlando while attending the College Football Awards. Sources close to Green told APSS that Green's statements to remain at BC were made in order for him to play in what will now be the final game of his collegiate career. Green will likely be the first RB taken and could go as high as the top 5-10 picks.

CB Sheppard To Stay Put; Caldwell and Pearson Thinking of NFL(12-20-01)

Steve Spurrier, head coach of the Florida Gators, said today that he expects junior standout CB Lito Sheppard to return to Gainsville next year. Sheppard, who is considered to be one of the highest rated CB prospects for the 2002 draft, apparently is following in the footsteps of roommate Jabar Gaffney. On the other side of the coin, WR Reche Caldwell and OT Mike Pearson appear to be leaning toward entering the draft. Both Pearson and Caldwell are fourth year juniors.

Stallworth Opts to Return to Tennessee(12-19-01)

A source inside the Tennessee football program has told APSS that junior WR Donte Stallworth will return for his senior year. The 6'0", 195-pound receiver made his decision after the SEC Championship when he was shut down by a weak LSU secondary and the fact that he was not healthy for much of the year. This move will make next year's draft even deeper at the WR position. APSS has also learned that freshman walk-on WR Kelley Washington is considering his options and may enter the draft. More on this as details are available.

Marshall QB to Make Decision Soon(12-19-01)

Marshall QB Bryron Leftwich could be playing his final game for the Thundering Herd tonight when Marshall takes on East Carolina. Leftwich, who petitioned the NFL Advisory Board last week, is expected to make a decision sometime in the near future. Should the 6'5", 240-pound Leftwich declare, he is likely to be a top 50 pick.

UVA's Mason to Enter Draft(12-18-01)

APSS has learned that Virginia's speedy WR, Tavon Mason, has decided to enter the 2002 draft instead of transferring to another school. Mason, a 5'11", 185-pound WR/RS will be used mainly as a return man and deep threat in the NFL. Tavon has been timed as low as a 4.29 in the forty yard dash and will likely be a very late round selection or a steal as an undrafted free agent.

Be sure to check back every week for the lates draft news updates!!!!