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I recently conducted an interview with BYU RB, Luke Staley.  Those of you who come to APSS frequently know that I was against Staley leaving school, so of course I had to ask the questions of WHY?  To Luke's credit, he took on all questions head on and answered them openly and honestly which is exactly what I was hoping for.  The 6'1", 228-pounder is working out daily trying to ready himself for his March 27th pro day at BYU.  He has the size that NFL teams look for and he would have some success in a west coast style offense, but he needs to stay INJURY FREE, which has been his biggest knock.  The next few weeks will determine Luke's future, but as of now, I see him as a 3rd rounder at best.  Below is some info on Luke, followed by the interview.


Name: Luke Staley

School: Brigham Young

Position: RB

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 228

40 Time: 4.55
Draft Status:  Who Knows?  Broke leg and severly sprained ligaments in his ankle in Miss. State game.  Pro Day is March 27th and alot will be determined then.  3rd-5th rounder as of now.  Injuries will be concern, but has talent if he can stay healthy.
Q:  What kind of person will an NFL team be getting when they draft you?
L.S.:  They'll be getting a person who can do everything.  I can run and catch very well and I can do whatever the situation calls for.
Q:  What do you have planned for life after football?
L.S.:  I'd like to run a nursery.  My dad owned a plant nursey in Oregon, so I am familiar with how to do things.
Q:  What have you heard about your draft status?
L.S.:  I have heard the 2nd round.  Hopefully I can go there or maybe higher.
Q:  What are your biggest playing strengths?
L.S.:  My biggest playing strengths are my ability to adjust to any given situation, my hands, and my ability to run inside and outside.
Q:  Do you have any weaknesses in your game that you want to improve on?
L.S.:  I need to work on my blocking.  In particular, my blitz pick-up.
Q:  Are you physically ready for the NFL?
L.S.:  I believe that I am.  I wouldn't have left BYU early if I had felt that I wasn't ready.  I am ready to compete at a higher level.
Q:  Are you mentally ready for the NFL as well?
L.S.:  Yes I am!  Again, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't ready in all areas. 
Q:  What do you want to accomplish as a rookie?
L.S.:  I want to contribute immediately and help my team win.
Q:  How do you want people to remember Luke Staley once your NFL career is over?
L.S.:  I want them to remember me as a player who took full advantage of every opportunity given to me. 
Q:  I know you say that you are ready for the next level, but the bottom line is that you have had a history of injury problems and you are just coming off of a pretty serious injury for a RB to have.  What was the reason for leaving BYU so soon after being injured like that when you could have been a top 5 RB for sure for the 2003 draft?
L.S.:  I just felt it was time for me to go.  I talked it over with my coaches and they all felt I had done all I can do at the college level.  I just did what I felt was best for me. 
Q:  What was the exact injury you suffered against Mississippi State?
L.S.:  Well, I broke my leg for sure.  I'm not really sure about the ligaments, but I am pretty sure they were just sprained.  I had surgery and the doctor put screws in to make sure it would heal properly.  Now I just have to hope everything will get back to normal and I am sure they are because I feel really good.
Q:  Why did you go to BYU out of high school?
L.S.:  It was always a dream of mine to play at BYU and I was lucky enough to play there.  I fulfilled that dream and now I am ready to fulfill my dream of playing in the NFL.
Q:  What will you be participating in at the combine?
L.S.  I won't be doing any physical drills.  I'm just going for the interviews and for teams to check me out medically.  I am getting ready for my pro day. 
M.G.:  Luke, it was good talking to you and I wish you well in the future!
L.S.:  Thanks Matt!

I'd like to thank Luke for taking the time to talk to me.  Good luck in the future Luke!!!