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With a about two weeks left before the combine, I caught up with UAB DT, Eddie Freeman for a little one-on-one chat. The 6'4", 304-pounder, has been one of the most impressive players in the post season. He made a tremendous showing at the Senior Bowl which may have pushed him into being a possible late first rounder. His ability to collapse the pocket, his quickness, and his overall football intelligence has impressed scouts over the last year or so. He's rated among the top 5 DT's available on most draft boards and with a good showing in pre-draft workouts, his stock could rise even higher. Below is some info on Eddie, followed by the interview.


Name: Eddie Freeman

School: Alabama-Birmingham

Position: DT

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 303

40 Time: 4.95

Draft Status: Top 40 pick. Has the size, strength, and quicks off the ball that teams covet in a defensive tackle. Has performed extremely well in the post season. Continues to climb draft boards.


Q: What kind of person will an NFL team be getting when they draft you?

E.F.: They'll be getting a solid man of character on and off the field. They'll be getting a player with a high motor who practices as hard as I play.

Q: What do you have planned for life after football?

E.F.: I'd like to do something football related. Maybe coaching or something like that. I've always wanted to have my own talk show where we just talk about football for the entire time. Maybe I'll take Tom Jackson's job on NFL Primetime!

Q: What have you heard about your draft status?

E.F.: I've heard I'll likely go in the 2nd round.

Q: What are your biggest playing srengths?

E.F.: My biggest srengths are my quickness of the ball, my strength, and my football intelligence.

Q: Do you have any weaknesses in your game that you want to improve on?

E.F.: I feel that I can improve in all areas. I want to be the best I can be and I feel I have alot left to learn. I am just scratching the surface of what I can do on a football field.

Q: Are you physically ready for the NFL?

E.F.: I feel I am more than ready for the NFL. I'm 300-pounds and 6'4", I bench 470-pounds, I have a motor that doesn't quit, and I am technically sound. I am ready for sure.

Q: Are you mentally ready as well?

E.F.: I feel I have been mentally ready for a while now. I know the X's and O's of the game. I have been playing football since I was five and I just soak up everything. I know it will be a big transition from UAB to the NFL, but I am confident I can handle it.

Q: What would you like to accomplish as a rookie?

E.F.: I want to start and contribute right away. I have an appetite to learn and get better. I am a student of the game and I think that will put me ahead of some of the other rookies coming in.

Q: How do you want people to remember Eddie Freeman once you retire?

E.F.: I want them to remember me as a hell of a football player. I want them to say that when I went up against Feeman, I knew it was war time.

Q: Although you're one of the best DT's in the draft, some people still don't know much about you because of the school you went to. Do you feel that you've been overlooked somewhat because of that?

E.F.: I think I have, but I feel I am fortunate to be in this position. I know where I stand among the others. I don't see what seperates me from the other "higher" rated players. I think if I went to a Florida or any SEC school I would be one of the first three DT's. I can't get caught up in that though. I know that once April gets here, I will be just fine.

Q: Do you plan on working out at the combine?

E.F.: Oh yeah! That will be my time to show scouts that I am just as good as the other guys.

M.G.: Thanks alot for your time Eddie and good luck!

E.F.: Thanks Matt! I appreciate it.

I'd like to thank Eddie for taking the time to speak with me! Good Luck in the future Eddie!!!